Cytorus is a cypress file preprocessor which allows you to run cucumon(gherkin like) tests
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$ cnpm install cytorus 
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Cypress Preprocessor

Cytorus is cucumon implementation of Cypress. Cucumon is nothing but gherkin like feature file with a few extra features.


  • Threshold based approach to fail a build. This feature is very helpful for CI/CD. Your build can be green with flaky or timebound tests. You can keep the build green for particular features while other failing tests are still being fixed.

  • Parallel run: Cytorus analyze the number of parallel processes it can run to run the tests in parallel. However, you can control the limit or parallel features anytime.

  • Custom Analyzer: You can wrte your own logic to build reports or to analyze final result.

  • Cucumon Syntax support: Cucumon instruction help to reduce code to convert data table and doc strings in other format.

    Given the following query params
        #> {}
        | from | XML  |
        | to   | JSON |

    Step definition will get following converted object;

        from: "XML",
        to: "JSON"

    {}, [], and [{}] are currently supported for data table. json are supported for doc string.

  • Cytorus allow you to run tests by their position in partifular feature file. It can help you when you have some automation logic to identify tests to run without adding tags or doing any change in the repository.

  • Debugging: Cytorus adds informative message with each step to display in command pannel or console logs on Cypress dashboard. You can also run cytorus with debug option DEBUG=cytorus npx cytorus run

Minor features

  • Cytorus skips tests marked with @skip.
  • If some tests are marked with @only then other tags will be skipped.

Many features are on the way



$ mkdir project; cd project
$ npm init -y

#install cypress dependencies if you have not installed them yet
$ sudo apt-get install xvfb libgtk-3-dev libnotify-dev libgconf-2-4 libnss3 libxss1 libasound2 libgconf2-4
#install necessary projects
$ npm install cypress cytorus cytorus-report

Create the following folder structure

    |__ cypress
        |__ integration
            |__ features
            |__ steps
            |__ other
        |__ fixtures
        |__ plugins
        |__ reports
        |__ support
    |__ cypress.json
    |__ cytorus.config.js
    |__ package.json

You can check E2E folder for more detail.

Cytorus is interested in only cypress/integration/features/, cypress/integration/steps/, and cytorus.config.js. Rest config is as per cypress need.

Following configuration is required in cypress/plugins/index.js

const cytorus = require('cytorus');
module.exports = (on, config) => {
  cytorus(on, config);


Detail instructions can be found in docs.

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