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$ cnpm install ctm_connector 
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Exposes two API End-points:


The parts of a call record in CTM that are useful for attribution. CTM call records associate a single customer phone number with a google session ID. This finds the first valid match for any of the provided customer phone numbers.

Call API Args

customerPhoneNumbers : Required - A list of phone numbers associated with one customer.

Phone numbers can be in pretty much any form that a human would recognize as a phone number, including "+19199545955", "(919) 954-5955", and "919-954-5955 ext 4100".

Sometimes you'll have the caller ID of the customer, so just pass one number, but other times you'll have a list like business number & personal number. In those cases, we'll find the first matching call.

accountId : Required - The CTM account ID for an ROI client's account


Given a valid accountId and callId, it updates an existing sales record. For more information, refer to : CTM API documentation

Sale API Arg

account_id : Required - the account id

call_id : Required - the call id from the call record

name : Not Required - reporting tag within the call log, typically used as a product name or sales person name

score : Not Required - integer between 1 and 5 to indicate the quality of the call

conversion : Not Required - boolean flag (1 or 0) to indicate whether the call resulted in a sale

value : Not Required - numeric value to represent the total worth of the call in dollars

sale_date : Not Required - date (YYYY-MM-DD) when a sale occurred as a result of this call


Make sure to setup your application with Flynn (If it's not setup yet, go to the repository root on your computer and run flynn -a ctm-connector remote add)

Then, npm run deploy

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