A simple CLI tool to update crowdin translations for web applications
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$ cnpm install crowdup -g
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crowdup is a project for anyone who wants to easily update their app translations files from Crowdin that helps update translations via a simple command line interface.

This project is early in development and a work in progress. Please file issues!


Configure crowdup, then run crowdup update and watch the magic happen!



crowdup matches translation files purely based on filename. For instance, ../archive/en/en-US.json will be matched with ../i18n/translated/en-US.json and so forth. This might not work best for everyone; feel free to send a pull request to satisfy your scenario.


  • Gives users the ability to overwrite existing web app translations with those from Crowdin
  • Users can build then download via the Crowdin API directly, or point crowdup at downloaded translations
  • Users have the option to look over files to update and abort without modifying anything if something looks wrong
  • crowdup stores user configurations, so updating translations in the future is super fast
  • Check status of translations in Crowdin

Coming soon:

  • Detect translation matches based on subfolders where translation filenames are identical
  • Ability to map translation files from archive to specific translation file locations
  • Ability to ignore files
  • Detect if files need to be updated or not
  • Better error detection and logging



crowdup requires NodeJS. Find and install the latest versions of NodeJS; if you use Mac OS X, consider installing homebrew to easily install what you need with the following command:

$ brew install node


Be sure to install all dependencies before installing crowdup.

$ sudo npm install -g crowdup


$ sudo npm uninstall -g crowdup


See crowdup help for a full list of commands.

$ crowdup --help

Use with Crowdin API

Run crowdup config and add your app's translation directory, Crowdin API key, and Crowdin project identifier. For example:

$ crowdup config
crowdup: full path to app translations:  /Users/daniel/Projects/webapp/app/i18n
crowdup: crowdin api key found in account at  37cb230570eb0bd1bc00860ff42c1ba3
crowdup: crowdin project id found in account at  my_project
saved crowdup configuration to /Users/daniel/.crowdup

Now you can update translations on demand with:

$ crowdup update

Use with downloaded Crowdin files

Don't want to use the Crowdin API? No problem. Point crowdup at your Crowdin translation download (either the .ZIP or directory) and at your app translations directory:

$ crowdup update -c ~/Downloads/ -a ~/Projects/webapp/app/i18n/

Check status of translations

Easily check the status of your translations with:

$ crowdup status

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