Easily add private variables to handlebars block helpers.
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$ cnpm install create-frame 
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Easily add private variables to handlebars block helpers.


Install with npm:

$ npm install --save create-frame


var createFrame = require('create-frame');


Create private variables from options hash arguments.


The @post variable inside the block is created by the post hash argument. So the context of @post is the this object that is passed to the block.

{{#block post=this}}


The following helper uses createFrame, then it extends the "frame" with hash arguments.

handlebars.registerHelper('block', function (options) {
  var frame = createFrame(;
  // extend the frame with hash arguments
  return options.fn(options, {data: frame});

var fn = handlebars.compile(str);
fn({title: 'My Blog Post'});


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Jon Schlinkert


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