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A Salesforce Commerce application generator that allows you to generate a sample commerce storefront application.


Download and install Node.js and npm here. ​

Note: Only Node.js versions 10 LTS and 12 LTS are supported. Any other versions can cause unexpected results. To use a different version of Node.js for other projects, you can manage multiple versions of Node.js with nvm.

Quick Start

To get up and running execute the following command in a shell/terminal:

npx create-commerce-app your-app-name

This will run a npx installation of create-commerce-app and create a sample Salesforce Commerce Storefront app for you. It creates the app as a sub-directory of the current working directory with the name of the directory being the app name provided while running the above command. More information about the sample Salesforce Commerce Storefront app and how to use it can be found here


Execute the following commands to install dependencies and build create-commerce-app locally.

npm install


To run tests, execute

npm run test

To print the detailed test results and errors on the console, execute

npm run test:debug


First, check the open issues and Commerce Cloud Developer Center for any open issues related to the issue that you are experiencing. If not already raised please file a new issue here with all the necessary details. If you require an urgent resolution to your issue please ask your AM/CSM to file a support ticket with Salesforce Commerce.


If you would like to contribute please take a look at our contributors' guide.

License Information

This package is licensed under BSD-3-Clause license. See the license for details.

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