add cors headers to a route's res
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$ cnpm install cors-middleware 
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Middleware to set your Cross Origin Resource Sharing headers in your http clients ✌????.


cors-middleware functions as middleware that takes in req, res, ctx, done and sets all applicable headers on the res argument.

var corsMiddleware = require('cors-middleware')
var merry = require('merry')

var mw = merry.middleware
var cors = corsMiddleware({
  methods: 'GET',
  origin: 'http://localhost:8080'

var app = merry()
app.router('GET', '/', homeRoute)

function homeRoute (req, res, ctx) {
  console.log(res.getHeader('access-control-allow-origin')) // 'http://localhost:8080'
  ctx.send(200, { msg: 'woah cors headers are all set' })

cors = corsMiddleware(opts)

You can pass on a few options to the cors wrapper to handle the specific headers you might need. If not tho, we gotchu with some defaults.

  • opts.headers: sets up headers that you want browsers to be able to access. Takes an array. Defaults to ['Content-Type', 'Accept', 'X-Requested-With'].
  • opts.methods: these are methods that are allowed to access your resource. Also takes in an array. Will default to the usual suspects of ['PUT', 'POST', 'DELETE', 'GET', 'OPTIONS']
  • opts.credentials: this indicates whether or not a request can be made using credentials. Will default to true.
  • opts.origin: this specifies a URI that can access your resource. Takes in a string and will default to wildcard, '*'

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