Webpack with HMR for Cordova
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$ cnpm install corpack 
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Cordova + Webpack + HMR = Love

Corpack makes Cordova development dreamy with webpack presets for modern ES6 and Hot Module Replacement.


npm install -g corpack

Create a new Cordova app:

cordova create hello com.example.hello HelloWorld

Initialize it with Corpack:

corpack init

Start an HMR-ready dev server:

corpack --serve

Now run your app. Saving source files will instantly refresh in the app:

cordova run ios

Batteries Included

Corpack uses ES6 + proposals. Classes, decorators, arrow functions... you can use it all.

corpack init uses React as the base framework and comes preconfigured with it. If you use something different, it's easy enough to remove.

React and Webpack work exceptionally well together. Most asset types can be embedded (SCSS, CSS, JS, GIF, PNG, JPG, MP3) and used in your applicaiton as follows:

import myPng from './assets/logo.png

const Image = props=><Image src={myPng}/>

Other commands

corpack by itself will run the equivalent of the webpack command with cordova prepare tacked on.

corpack --watch will watch continuously for file changes.

Integrating into an exiting projects

Corpack turns ./www into a build directory. When you run Rearrange your source into the following folder structure:

  index.js   <-- This is the corpack entry point
  ...other source files (JS, CSS)...


Big ups to webpack, webpack-dev-server, Hot Module Replacement, and Laravel Mix.

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