Convert paths used in babel-plugin-root-import to relative ones
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$ cnpm install convert-root-import 
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Convert paths used with babel-plugin-root-import into relative paths

If a file presides in client/foo has an import declaration import '~/client/bar' it will be converted to import '../bar'.

The root will be set to the current directory the command is executed from, meaning you normally would execute it from the root of your project.


convert-root-import -o some-file.js

See convert-root-import --help for more information.

As this tool currently works on single files at a time, you would drive it using find or similar if you want to change hundreds of files:

# change JSX files
find src/client -name '*.jsx' -exec convert-root-import -o {} \;


npm install -g convert-root-import


This is a simple tool that doesn't build an AST, and only works line-wise. As such, it does not handle multi-line import such as

import {
} from '~/sub/module';


PRs are welcome :-) This tool was hacked together in a few hours, and does the job in the 95% case for me. Possible improvements:

  • handle multi-line imports
  • traversing directories and multi-file handling (would make find superflous)
  • building ASTs to handle complex cases?

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