A tiny JavaScript jobs scheduler
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$ cnpm install conrad 
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conrad is a tiny JavaScript scheduler, developped by Alexis Jacomy at the médialab. It is released under the MIT License.

The full API documentation is available here.


To use it, clone the repository:

git clone

The latest minified version is available here:

You can also minify your own version with Grunt:

  • Install Node.js, NPM and Grunt.
  • Use npm install to install conrad development dependencies.
  • Use grunt to check sources linting, launch unit tests, and minify the code with Uglify.


Contributions are welcome! You can contribute by submitting issues and proposing pull requests. Be sure to successfully run grunt before submitting any pull request, to check unit tests and sources lint.

The whole source code is validated by the Google Closure Linter, and the comments are written in JSDoc (tags description is available here).

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