Connect middleware exposing the Dojo Toolkit
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$ cnpm install connect-dojo 
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Connect middleware exposing the Dojo Toolkit

This Connect middleware transparently download and display Dojo files.

In its simplest form, it takes no argument and the latest stable release is used. Here is a quick example:

var express = require('express');
var serve_static = require('serve-static');
var dojo = require('connect-dojo');
var app = express.createServer();
  app.use(serve_static(__dirname + '/public'));
  app.use(express.errorHandler({ dumpExceptions: true, showStack: true }));


  • method
    Support 'release' (default) and 'git'
  • repository
    Default parent directory where Dojo source code is downloaded
  • version
    Dojo version, currently '1.7.1', apply only to the 'download' method
  • mapping
    Object whose keys are "dojo", "dijit", "dojox" and "util" and values are the directory where to download the source code. May be used conjointly with the "repository" options.

Using a released version of Dojo

Source code is downloaded from the official Dojo website and all the versions present on the website are available. For example to download the version '1.5.0', setup the middleware as:

dojo({ version: '1.7.1' })

Using the git HEAD

If the option 'method' is set to 'git' and the revision option of a dojo project is not defined, the middleware will checkout the HEAD revision. Each Dojo project will be store inside a directory defined by the option 'repository' and named as"git-#{project}-HEAD". Here's how to download the latest from GitHub while preserving working tests:

  method: 'git',
  repository: __dirname+"../public/dojo",
    dojo: './dojo'
    dijit: './dijit'
    dojox: './dojox'
    util: './util'

Using a specific git revision

If the option 'method' is set to 'git' and one of 'dojo_revision', 'dijit_revision', 'dojox_revision' or 'util_revision' is defined, then the middleware to checkout the revision in a specific directory inside the one defined by the option 'repository' and named as "git-${project}-#{revision}".

General note

To prevent multiple application from conflicting, a new directory is created for each released version and git revision. This can lead to a large number of directories as new revisions are setup over time. By default, source code is stored inside the connect-dojo module and it is recommended to define your own directory through the 'repository' option.


Running the tests can take a long time because of the size of dojo. Using expresso, run the following command by adjusting the '-t' (timeout) argument:

expresso -s -t 10000 test

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