Module to handle conflux-web RPC connections over HTTP.

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$ cnpm install conflux-web-providers-http 
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This is a sub package of conflux-web

This is a HTTP provider for conflux-web.
Please read the documentation for more.



npm install conflux-web-providers-http

In the Browser

Build running the following in the conflux-web repository:

npm run-script build-all

Then include dist/conflux-web-providers-http.js in your html file. This will expose the ConfluxWebHttpProvider object on the window object.


// in node.js
var ConfluxWebHttpProvider = require('conflux-web-providers-http');

var options = {
    timeout: 20000, // milliseconds,
    headers: [{name: 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin', value: '*'},{...}]
var http = new ConfluxWebHttpProvider('http://localhost:8545', options);

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