convert your component project into a duo project
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$ cnpm install component2duo 
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convert your component app into duo app

Duo doesn't have any concept of local components. This tool rewrites your require paths for local components by analyzing your root component and all your locals and scripts which are listed in your component.json files.

Limitation / not implemented yet

  • root component should have only one element in the paths array
  • lookup paths of local components will be ignore, only the root component paths is used
  • only files which are listed in the .scripts property of your component.json files are analyzed


npm install component2duo


var Converter = require('component2duo');
var c = new Converter('rootComponentPath', Converter.ABSOLUTE, {simulate:true});
var result = c.start();


Converter(path, mode, opt)

  • path to the root component.json
  • mode Converter.ABSOLUTE or Converter.RELATIVE
  • opt options object
    • simulate - boolean, if true: don't rewrite changes to filesystem, return the changes as result of start(), default false
    • debug - boolean, if true: print each require path transformation to stdout
    • localManifest filename of the local components manifest, default component.json


Converter.ABSOLUTE will rewrite require paths relative to the root component with a leading slash, for instance: /lib/local.

Converter.RELATIVE will rewrite require paths relative to each local component, for instance: ../local.


node_modules/.bin/component2duo ~/myApp/component.json 0 true
  • first argument: path to root component
  • second argument: mode; 0 = ABSOLUTE, 1 = RELATIVE
  • third argument (optional): simulate and print require transformation to stdout


Assume you have this directory structure

├── component.json
└── lib
    ├── bar
    │   ├── component.json
    │   ├── index.js
    │   └── qux.js
    └── foo
        ├── component.json
        ├── index.js
        ├── script.js
        └── sub
            └── baz.js

Your root component is located at myApp/component.json with this content:

    "name": "myApp",
    "paths": ["lib"],
    "locals": ["foo"]


    "locals": ["bar"],
    "scripts": [
    "main": "index.js"

With component you can write require('bar') in the scripts of foo. With this tool you can choose if you want to rewrite it into an absolute require('/lib/bar') or relative require('../bar') path.

example CLI output

If you checkout this project (and make a npm install) you can run:

$ ./bin/cli test/fixtures/simple/component.json 0 true

then you get this result:

lib/foo/script.js: 'bar' -> '/lib/bar'
lib/foo/script.js: 'bar/qux' -> '/lib/bar/qux'


git clone
cd component2duo
npm install
npm test

Currently I'm not using any generator functions, but I will, so currently just ignore the build-generator directory. If you don't want use CoffeeScript you can use the build/index.js.

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