browser-side CommonJS require() function.
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$ cnpm install commonjs-require 
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CommonJS Require

browser-side CommonJS require() function.


Add commonjs-require.js as script src to your site.


<script src="commonjs-require.js"></script>
require.register("module", function(exports, require, module){
  /* Some Module content */
  module.exports = "content"

This will alert content

Automated wrapping into require.register

Why not browserify?

Browserify requires (scnr) that you use some magic AST/require.resolve mechanism to built your CommonJS package/files for the browser. This is really complex - especially if you have to bundle different files for different sections of your website, use dynamic requires or have circular dependencies.


  • require(name) — loads registered module and returns its exports.
  • require.register(name, fn) — registers new module. fn should have signature exports, require, module.
  • require.list() — lists all registered modules.

Node Module support

commonjs-require emulates the actual loading mechanism from Node.js in that it delegates all require() calls to Module._load() (Module is exposed via the "module" module). This improves support for modules which rely on the Node module system implementation (for example Mockery).

Module API

  • Module._load(request, parent) - does the actual module loading and instantiation
  • Module._cache - is the cache of loaded modules, can be cleared by assigning an empty object
  • Module._resolveFilename - determines the actual module id (e.g. adds "index" if its missing)



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