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CoffeeNode PassPhrase

CoffeeNode bSearch is a passphrase generator; it currently includes a small German wordlist.


We all know that good passwords are hard to find. xkcd famously explained how a good and memorable passphrase works:

Following these ideas, i've put together a very simple random Passphrase generator. Here is a selection of generated passphrases:


These phrases all share the following characteristics:

  • all 'letter words' are selected from a small, but growing collection of (currently ≈400) words;
  • each passphrase has two randomly placed 'digit words' (these help to maintain a reasonable vocabulary size);
  • all 'digit words' are three digits long;
  • there is always at least one 'letter word' between the two 'digit words';
  • all words are written in lowercase;
  • all words are separated by a single dash / hyphen / minus / whatchamaycallit;
  • all words are part of the basic vocabulary of the intended audience (speakers of German);
  • all words are 'easy' to write correctly—this is not a spelling bee contest;
  • there are no names of digits or other numbers among the 'letter words' (i.e. there is no 'one', 'two', 'three' etc. to avoid confusion with '1', '2', '3');
  • the words are selected so they can be easily and clearly communicated orally;
  • all words are 'neutral' and non-offensive;
  • no two 'letter words' are repeated within a single phrase.

These rules help to maintain an easily memorable outer form of the generated passphrases; above all, the passphrases are intended to be reasonably secure while memorable and communicable without having to write them down.

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