This CoffeeLint plugin verifies there are no describe.only's or it.only's left in mocha tests
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$ cnpm install coffeelint-no-mocha-only 
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CoffeeLint - no-mocha-only

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This CoffeeLint plugin verifies there are no describe.only or it.only in use. If you are using mocha, using describe.only or it.only is helpful when developing tests locally, but to avoid committing the only usage and preventing the full test suite from being run in the future, you can use this coffeelint rule.


[sudo] npm install [-g] coffeelint-no-mocha-only


Insert the below configuration into coffeelint.json that you use for linting your scripts:

"no_mocha_only": {
    "module": "coffeelint-no-mocha-only",
    "level": "error"


There are no configuration options for this plugin

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