CoffeeLint rule to ensure that all your jasmine specs run
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$ cnpm install coffeelint-no-focused-jasmine-specs 
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Deadlines are looming and you're focusing on getting those last few specs green..

CLEAR TEST RUN. You're done! git add . && git commit -m 'All Done! :zap:'

A few days later someone asks, 'When you run the specs, do only 10 run?' and a knot develops in your throat. You check the project, only to have your worst fears confirmed: You commited an fdescribe block! You remove it to uncover 30 spec failures.

That would never happen to you right? Of course not, this isn't your first rodeo. You're using coffeelint-no-focused-jasmine-specs.


  1. Setup CoffeeLint in your project and verify that it works
  2. Add this module as a devDependency: npm install -D coffeelint-no-focused-jasmine-specs
  3. Update your coffeelint.json configuration file as described below.
  4. Modify coffeelint to use this custom rule. For example, If you run coffeelint from the command line you might do this coffeelint --rules node_modules/coffeelint-no-focused-jasmine-specs


Add the following snippet to your coffeelint.json config:

  "no_focused_jasmine_specs": {
    "module": "coffeelint-no-focused-jasmine-specs",
    "level": "warn"

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