YAML theme for the codo documentation generator

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$ cnpm install codo-theme-yaml 
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YAML Output Theme for Codo

This is a theme for the codo CoffeeScript API documentation generator.


If your codo is installed globally, install codo-theme-yaml globally and specify it as the theme name.

npm install -g codo-theme-yaml
codo -t yaml

If codo is installed in your project's node_modules directory, have codo-theme-yaml added to the project's package.json instead.

npm install --save codo-theme-yaml
codo -t yaml


Run the tests using the following commands.

npm install
npm test

If you make changes to the theme or to the test cases, you will need to re-generate the golden output expected by the test cases.

npm link
ndoe_modules/codo/bin/codo -t yaml -o test/golden test/source

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