Keep track of that flighty mistress, Time. Try to, anyhow.
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$ cnpm install cloq 
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An incredibly easy-to-use JavaScript timelogger. Create a new cloq() with a name, and tell it when things happen. Watch the output measured on your console. Simple as amything.

The zaq logging library is used to display timings, another fine software project by Austin.

License: MIT


Well, first things first. Install via NPM:

npm install cloq

Require in your Node project:

var cloq = require('cloq');

Usage API

Create a new clock

Pass a name to the cloq() constructor to start a new timing clock.

var clock = new cloq('Process X Timer');

Keep track of events

Pass an event to the .lap() method of your clock. cloq will notate the time taken between each 'lap' in your console.

clock.lap('first event completed');
someAsyncFunction.then(function (success) {
  clock.lap('some async function completed.');
}, errorHandler);

Finish time checking

When your processes are all done, simply call the .done() method of your clock, optionally passing a final event name as a parameter. Any final 'lap' event given will be notated, followed by the total time taken from cloq creation to completion.

anotherAsyncFunction.then(function (success) {
  clock.done('last http request');

Example Usage & Output

The following example uses setTimeout to mimic the slow effect of heavy synchronous processing or asynchronous network requests.

var clock = new cloq('Testing Clock');

clock.lap('nothing at all');
setTimeout(function () {
  clock.lap('waiting for a bit');
  setTimeout(function () {
    clock.lap('getting almost there!');
    setTimeout(function () {
      clock.done('last thing');
    }, 1414);
  }, 547);
}, 1559);

The following is the console output (without the pretty colors and bold text you'll see in real life).

♦ TIME: Testing Clock  <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>
♦ TIME: Testing Clock  nothing at all took 0.001 seconds.
♦ TIME: Testing Clock  waiting for a bit took 1.564 seconds.
♦ TIME: Testing Clock  getting almost there! took 0.551 seconds.
♦ TIME: Testing Clock  last thing took 1.415 seconds.
♦ TIME: Testing Clock  finished after 3.531 seconds.
♦ TIME: Testing Clock  <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>

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