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But really, wtf is this?

  • Fun with ES6 modules
  • a test suite using Ava
  • a test suite using Mocha for the transpiled code
  • Fun with method chaining in JavaScript
  • A JavaScript/ES6 implementation of Ruby's Stringex library
  • using toUrl() in my own Yeoman generator generator-clekyll: this was my first inspiration for the project
  • Another repo/project with an egotistical name :princess: (Claire is the best name)


In order to make use of this to enable method chaining, the methods all live within an object called clairex. This is what is exported and you have access to. To get access to an individual method, e.g. toUrl(), install the module and call it:

npm i -s clairex        // -s adds it to your package.json

Now require it in a script in one of two ways:

var x = require('clairex');

x.clairex.toUrl('Convert this string to a usable URL');


var x = require('clairex').clairex;

x.toUrl('Convert this string to a usable URL');


gulp build

Run the tests

npm test        // Ava tests are default
npm run mocha

You don't need to gulp before running the Ava tests but you do for Mocha ones.

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