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$ cnpm install chrome-js 
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Chrome.js is a set of APIs that help the automations and scripting of Web based applications (WebSites or WebServices).

There is support for direct chrome access (via chrome debugger API) and node-webkit


Using npm:

npm install chrome-js --save


See "How to run"

For better instructions than the ones shown below.

If you would like to help. Here is the issue to fix this README :)

(NOTE: these instructions and screenshots are a bit out-of-date with the latest version)

as per documented at you need to download the chrome driver for your platform from and copy it into the ./node_modules/nodewebkit/nodewebkit folder.

In OSx the file to download is the chromedriver-nw-v0.11.2-osx-x64 and you can open the folder to copy the unziped file using open ./node_modules/nodewebkit/nodewebkit

Once that is in place you can start the version with chromedriver support using


... which should look like this:


Note: in the current version, when you close the node-webkit window you will need to manually close the coffee process (since it is still running the selenium server in the background)

If you want to just open the webkit-repl without chromedriver support, just run


... which should look like this:


more script examples See these script examples to ideas on what to run there:

related issues Is there a GUI REPL for node-webkit?

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