A stemmer for the Cebuano language spoken in the Philippines
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Cebuano dictionary and stemmer

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A dictionary and stemmer for the Cebuano language spoken in the Philippines.

Written in TypeScript, compiled to ES5 CommonJS module (for use in Node.js) and a single-file ES5 UMD module (for use in the browser).

Based on J. Hellingman's Cebuano stemmer for Java and dictionary for Android, which is in turn based on J. Wolff's seminal work A Dictionary of Cebuano Visayan.


The dictionary data is converted from a SQLite database to a publicly-readable CouchDB instance hosted at

The primary index for an entry is the normalized root form of the Cebuano word plus an identification number.

You can use the regular CouchDB API to query. For instance, to get the first 20 entries starting with "k":"k"


The database provides full-text search for English and Cebuano. You can query using the Lucene Query Parser Syntax.


description url
English full text search through entries for "fire"
English synonym search for "fire"
Cebuano full text search through entries for "abat"
Cebuano synonym search for "abat"

(for more information, add the query parameter include_docs=true)


A JSON list of word roots used in the stemmer is available at

A JSON list of all heads is available at

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