Catch-Logs provides broswer-interface to analyse real-time logs.
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$ cnpm install catch-logs 
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Browser-interface to your real time logs

Clone the Repository:

git clone <repo>

Install Node.js if you dont have it.

Go into the application:

cd catch-logs

Install the required packages: (Npm comes with Node.js)

npm install

Configure the log filename which you want to watch (Make changes in config.json):

  "log_filename": "Your filename goes here"

Start the server:

npm start

Analyse your logs real-time at:

firefox localhost:4000/

Development :

Better start the server with nodemon, so that server automatically restart if any changes are made to the source files.

nodemon modules/

Testing :

Logger : Use this command in different tab for testing

while true; do echo $sec >> "<log_filename>"; sleep 1; sec=$(($sec + 1)); done


  • Dumps the file into the browser real-time using
  • Clear logs from the UI using Clear Log button or shortcut g or G.
  • Regex Search through the logs.
  • AutoScroll to latest log.
  • AutoClear logs whenever server restarts. Works great with nodemon.
  • Take care of the terminal Ansi-Colors coming as part of the logs. Convert them to CSS colors.


  • Make it a npm package.
  • Thorough testing: unit and integration.
  • User-define filters for coloring: Example = Exception: - Red like bootstrap.
  • Make lines Collapsable.
  • Optimize on search: (show and hide) logic.
  • Case insensitive search option.
  • Fuzzy Search option.
  • Multiple sources of log files.
  • Multi-language support.


Parag Gupta

Special Thanks to :

Express Static-favicon Morgan Cookie-parser Body-parser Debug Jade Frontail Stylus Coffee-script CBuffer

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