A commandline tool to stream local files to Google Chromecast
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$ cnpm install castoro -g
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A commandline tool to cast local files to chromecast.


You can user npm published version

npm install -g castoro

or roll one yourself from this repo

npm install -g coffee-script
cd [this repo]
npm run-script prepublish
npm install -g


Command line usage goes like this

  castoro \
    --mode [original|stream-transcode|transcode] \
    --input [path/to/file.mkv]

Optional arguments

    --ip [ip of your machine]
    --port [http port to use]
    --cli-controller # enables cli controller



The tool will stream un-modified input file using HTTP. Since chromecast is picky about formats (expecially audio ones) the file must be properly encoded.


The tool will live transcode the input file to fit chromecast audio capabilities using ffmpeg. At the moment this disables seeking support. Now there is experimental seek support.


The tool will

  1. start to cast the input media to the chromecast using stream-transcode mode (no seeking enabled)
  2. start a transcoding process converts the entire input media
  3. as soon as the transcoding (2) is finished it will switch playback to the trascoded file (seeking will be re-enabled)

Cli controller

Use keys to control playback/volume

  • Up: Volume up
  • Down: Volume down
  • Left: RR (10 min)
  • Shift+Left: RR (1 min)
  • Right: FF (10 min)
  • Shift+Right: FF (1 min)
  • Space: Pause/Unpause
  • key "s": Print player status
  • key "q": Quit


I use this on OSX where I installed ffmpeg using Homebrew like this

brew install ffmpeg --with-faac --with-fdk-aac


Pull requests are welcome

  • Make pause/unpause more stable
  • Figure out how to do seeking in 'stream-transcode' mode to make 'transcode' useless
  • Also transcode video when needed (currently we just transcode audio)
  • Automatically figure out available port
  • Automatically figure out appropriate ip
  • Support multiple chromecasts in the same network
  • Maybe create a user interface served with express

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