Simple tools interface with the cartodb APIs.

No longer supporting as we have moved to using cartodb-nodejs at and
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$ cnpm install cartodb-api 
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The main reason this library exists is because the cartodb version only seems to handle files and urls. While this library was written to handle streaming of whatever. Also this library is promised based as well.



To interface with the Cartodb Import API

cartodb-upload --f=someGeoJSON.json --k={YOUR_API_KEY} --a={YOUR_ACCOUNT}

or streaming


  • As of right now only basic imports are supported. Synchronization may be implemented later.
  • Currently using upload with the sql api is sufficient for our needs.

cat someGeoJSON.json | cartodb-upload --k={YOUR_API_KEY} --a={YOUR_ACCOUNT}


To interface with the Cartodb Sql API

cartodb-sql --s="select count(*) from parcels;" --k={YOUR_API_KEY} --a={YOUR_ACCOUNT}

To see additional options and arguments see each relative ./cli/*.coffee file.


  • better readme with cli and library options
  • to support missing APIS:
  • Map (anonymous maps):
  • status (to get layergroupid)
  • update / insert map
  • Import:
    • status


Contributions to this project are welcome; please create an issue ticket for bugs or feature requests, and submit a PR if you have made improvements. Feature requests submitted without a quality PR may not be implemented quickly.

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