Log callback results
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$ cnpm install callback-logger 
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Log callback results


npm install callback-logger



Supported options:

  • successColor - (default: 'green') Color for success messages. See cli-color for a list of supported colors
  • errorColor - (default: 'red') Color for error messages
  • logFunction - (default: console.log) Function to call to log a message. It should be of the form function(message)
  • traceErrors - (default: true) When an error occurs, append the error stack to the message


Log a message as a success

logger.error(message, err)

Log a message as an error. If err is passed and options.traceErrors is true, the stack trace will also be logged.

logger.cb(successMessage, errorMessage, callback)

Return a function which logs the result of a callback of type (err, success). If err is defined, errorMessage is used, otherwise successMessage is used.

Underscore templating may be used on successMessage and errorMessage. The variables err and res contain the result of the callback

An optional callback can be passed which is executed after the log messages.


var logger = require('callback-logger')();

fs.writeFile('file.txt', 'contents', logger.cb('Successfully wrote file', 'Error while writing file'));

glob('*.txt', logger.cb('Found <%= res.length %> files', 'Error on glob'));

logger.success('Done something');
logger.error('Something went wrong');

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