Store and get files from cache
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$ cnpm install cache-file 
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Store and get files from cache with Node.js.

Getting started

Install with npm: npm install cache-file


var cache = require('cache-file');

// store test.jpg inside a test folder in cache'test.jpg');

// get test.jpg from cache and save it as test-restored.jpg
cache.get('test.jpg', 'test-restored.jpg');

// check if test.jpg exists in cache

// get the path to test.jpg in cache

// remove test.jpg from cache


.store(src, dest)

Store a file inside cache. Use dest to specify a custom name.

.get(src, dest)

Get a cached file and save it to a desired location.


Check if a cached file exists.


Get the path to a cached file.


Remove a file from cache.


MIT License (c) Kevin Mårtensson

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