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$ cnpm install cabbage 
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Cabbage is a CLI for working with simple web applications built with Broccoli.

It is designed to provide a conventional directory layout and extensible default build configuration. It's also striving to be as compatible with the Lineman project structure as possible.


First, have Node.js (or io.js) and npm installed, then install the cabbage CLI:

$ npm install -g cabbage-cli

Using cabbage

To create a new project with cabbage, just change into the directory where you want the project:

$ cabbage new my-project

And you should see this output:

Cloning a new cabbage project into 'my-project'
Installing cabbage and broccoli from npm
Your cabbage/broccoli project is ready to go! To get started:

$ cd my-project
$ cabbage run

To start the broccoli server, you can run cabbage run and visit your application at localhost:8000

Working on cabbage

To work on cabbage, you'll need a few things in place, including a working Node.js installation. Then:

mkdir cabbagejs
cd cabbagejs
git clone
git clone
git clone

cd cabbage
npm install

cd ../cabbage-cli
npm install
npm link

cd ../blueprint-simple
npm install --save-dev broccoli
ln -s ../../cabbage node_modules/cabbage
cabbage build
tree dist

Then if you want to help out just pick out an issue that's been marked ready in the waffle board.

The name

The Broccoli vegetable we all know and love is the flowering head of a particular species of cabbage.

Broccoli.js is apparently named after its tree-based domain model and API. Because this project seeks to be a foundational wrapper around broccoli, the name cabbage seemed appropriate.

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