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Domain driven fullstack framework


Briefly, Bufflehead is an implementation of a strictduck domain-driven-fullstack.
It is composed of:
- a domain-driven-express server
- a domain-driven-redux-react client
- a domain-driven-pouchdb-persistence plugin
and leverages polypacker for developing and distributing "universal" javascript code bases.

technical usage examples

The top level application is always expressed simply, regardlessas of the complexity of the application. For example, take a look at bufflehead-todos/src/index.js. A more "real world" DomainDrivenFullstackApplication's expression wouldn't look much different:

import 'babel-polyfill'
import * as bufflehead from 'polypack!bufflehead'
import {root, analytics, profiles, chat} from './domains'

// load settings from an argument --settings settings.json to the process
const settings = bufflehead.settings()

const app = new bufflehead.default({
    title: 'Very Complicated App',
    domains: { root, chat, analytics, profiles, settings }


This is possible because all the business logic is expressed on the Domain level, which is then orchestrated by the various middlewares of the afformentioned domain-driven components. For an example, the domain expressed in bufflehead-todos/src/todos/domain is roughly:

new Domain({
    name: 'todos',
    route: {
        path: '/',
        component: Todos
    pouchActionMap: {
        insert: 'addTodo',
        update: 'editTodo',
        remove: 'deleteTodo'

where the dataFlows are expressed in bufflehead-todos/src/todos/dataFlows, and have the shape:

    ADD_TODO(state, payload){
        return [ newTodo(payload), ...state ]
    DELETE_TODO(state, payload){
        return state.filter(todo => todo._id !== payload._id)

In the todo app, the route is processed by domain-driven-redux-react to create the appropriate react-router route and redux container, and the dataFlows are turned into the approriate redux actions and reducers. The domain-driven-pouchdb-persistence-plugin then detects the pouchActionMap and connects pouchdb to the domain's redux store accordingly.

For real world apps using authentication, the route of the root domain might override the automatic route generation from domain-driven-redux-react to look something like:

import React from 'react'
import { Route, IndexRedirect } from 'react-router'
import Root from './Root'
import chat from '../chat'
import profiles from '../profiles'
import Login from '../nav/Login.jsx'
import { persister } from 'polypack!bufflehead' 

function getComponent(domain){
    return domain.get('route').component

// marks the route for further modification by the persister
let authOnEnter = persister.requireAuthFromRoute('/login')

export default (
    <Route path="/" component={Root}>
        <IndexRedirect to="/chat" />
        <Route path="chat" component={getComponent(chat)} onEnter={authOnEnter}/>
        <Route path="profiles" component={getComponent(profiles)} onEnter={authOnEnter} />
        <Route path="login" component={persister.provideAuthFromRoute(Login)} />

Current status

Bufflehead is still nascent, poorly documented, and not exactly easy to intuit. For example, todos/dataFlows#ADD_TODO(state, payload) becomes 'addTodo' in todos/pouchActionMap#insert. This is still the case for everything it's built with as well. Right now the only one working on this, strictduck, polypacker, and everything else involved is me. If you'd like to get involved.... uh, message me or something

This project is heavily inspired by reactuate and aims to be similar in power to meteor

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