Caching React compiler for Broccoli
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$ cnpm install broccoli-react-caching 
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React Compiler for Broccoli. Based on react-sass.


npm install --save-dev broccoli-react-caching


var react = require('broccoli-react-caching');

var outputTree = react(inputTrees, options);
  • inputTrees: An array of trees that act as the include paths for react jsx files. If you have a single tree, pass [tree].

  • options: An object with additional configuration, see below.


react(inputTrees, {
  fileExtension: 'jsx',  // files are matched against this, defaults to 'jsx'
  encoding: 'UTF-8',     // encoding of the jsx files, defaults to 'UTF-8'
  transformOptions: {    // These are passed to `transform`
    sourceMap: true

For all possible transformOptions, see transform in react-tools.


I would like to invite you to contribute to this project. Clone this repository from github, then run the following in its directory:

npm install

Start in index.js

Happy Hacking!

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