Fixture testing helpers for Broccoli
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Broccoli Fixture Helpers

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This package is useful for testing Broccoli plugins without interacting with the file system. It lets you turn fixturify objects into Broccoli nodes, and build Broccoli nodes back into fixturify objects.


Node: Fixture object to Broccoli node

Create a Broccoli source node whose contents are created by fixturify rather than coming from the file system:

var fixture = require('broccoli-fixture');

var inputFixture = {
  'foo.txt': 'foo.txt contents',
  'subdir': {
    'bar.txt': 'bar.txt contents'

var node = new fixture.Node(inputFixture);

build: Broccoli node to fixture object
  .then(function(outputFixture) {
    // outputFixture deep-equals
    // {
    //   'foo.txt': 'foo.txt contents',
    //   'subdir': {
    //     'bar.txt': 'bar.txt contents'
    //   }
    // }

build creates a builder behind the scenes, and cleans up automatically. Do not call it more than once on the same node.

Chai example

If you use the Chai assertion library, your test code might look like this:

  .then(function(fixture) {
      'foo.txt': 'foo.txt contents',
      'subdir': {
        'bar.txt': 'bar.txt contents'

With chai-as-promised (eventually), it's even more concise:

return expect({
  'foo.txt': 'foo.txt contents',
  'subdir': {
    'bar.txt': 'bar.txt contents'

Builder: Building repeatedly

The build function builds only once. If you need to build repeatedly, for example to test caching logic, use the fixture.Builder class. It's used just like a regular Broccoli Builder, but the build method returns a promise to a fixturify object.

var fixtureBuilder = new fixture.Builder(node);
  .then(function(fixture) {
    // fixture is { 'foo.txt': ... }

    // Build again
  .then(function(fixture) {
    // fixture is { 'foo.txt': ... }
  .finally(function() {
    return fixtureBuilder.cleanup();

See also

This package brings in Broccoli core as a dependency, so it's perhaps too heavy to use in "production" build code. If you only need fixture.Node, you can use the lightweight broccoli-fixturify. fixture.Node is simply an alias for broccoli-fixturify's Fixturify class.

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