The finest representations to emphasize natural beauty of your MSON AST
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Looking for the best fashion for your MSON AST? Boutique offers the finest quality, luxury representations to emphasize natural beauty of your AST.



Imagine you have some MSON to describe body attributes in your API Blueprint. Drafter should be able not only to parse it, but also to provide representations of those body attributes in formats you specified, e.g. in application/json. Boutique is a simple tool to do exactly that.

Boutique takes an MSON AST and provides a representation of it in JSON, JSON Schema or other formats.


NOTE: Boutique knows nothing about hypermedia. For example, it understands that application/hal+json means it should generate JSON, but it generates plain JSON. To generate HAL document properly, the AST has to explicitly contain all HAL structures already on input to this tool.


Using the MSON AST from this example as the ast variable, we can convert it by Boutique to a representation:

boutique = require 'boutique'
    ast: ast,
    contentType: 'application/json'
  , (err, body) ->
    # body contains following string:
    # '{"id":"1","name":"A green door","price":12.50,"tags":["home","green"],"vector":["1","2","3"]}'

    ast: ast,
    contentType: 'application/schema+json'
  , (err, body) ->
    # body contains following string:
    # '{"type":"object","properties":"id":{"type":"string"},"name":{"type":"string"},"price":{"type":"number"},"tags":{"type":"array"},"vector":{"type":"array"}}'


NOTE: Refer to the MSON Specification for the explanation of terms used throughout this documentation.

Represent (function)

Generate representation for given content type from given MSON AST.


boutique.represent({ast, contentType}, cb)


  • ast (object) - MSON AST in form of tree of plain JavaScript objects.

  • contentType: application/schema+json (string, default)

    Smart matching takes place. For example, if following formats are implemented and provided by Boutique...

    • application/json
    • application/xml
    • application/schema+json

    ...then matching will work like this:

    • image/svg+xml; charset=utf-8application/xml
    • application/schema+jsonapplication/schema+json
    • application/hal+jsonapplication/json

    NOTE: Distinguishing JSON Schema draft versions by matching according to profile parameter is not implemented yet.

  • cb (Represent Callback, required) - callback function

Represent Callback (function)


callback(err, repr, contentType)


  • err: null (object, default) - Exception object in case of error
  • repr (string) - final string representation of given AST in given format
  • contentType (string) - selected content type, which was actually used for rendering the representation


Inside the Boutique repository you can execute the following to run the test suite:

$ npm install
$ npm test


Fork & Pull Request.


Boutique is released under the BSD license. See LICENSE.

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