Write better git commits
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$ cnpm install bommit 
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Write better git commits

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Standardizing git commits is difficult. It will be easier to write informative commits with a command-line tool that formats commit messages.

Commit Style

commit_type(affected_part): Summary here

commit_type is selected from a drop-down menu of ['feature', 'fix', 'docs', 'style', 'refactor', 'performance', 'test', 'build', 'revert']

affected_part is free text input; usually, it refers either to which core functionality it affects or which file it mainly impacts.

Summary is free text input; bommit enforces that it be concise.

In possible future versions, we may include different options for commit style.


Run npm i -g bommit


Stage all your files and run bommit. The equivalent command would be running git commit -am.

Alternatively, run bommit -a. The equivalent series commands would be git add -A then git commit -am.

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