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A simple game built with socket.IO and HTML5 canvas on top of NodeJS.



To run / install this game, you'll need:

  • NodeJS with NPM installed.
  • socket.IO.
  • Express.

Game Basics

  • Move your mouse around the screen to move your cell.
  • Eat food and other players in order to grow your character (food respawns every time a player eats it).
  • A player's mass is the number of food particles eaten.
  • Objective: Try to get as big as possible and eat other players.

Gameplay Rules

  • Players who haven't eaten yet cannot be eaten as a sort of "grace" period. This invincibility fades once they gain mass.
  • Everytime a player joins the game, 3 food particles will spawn.
  • Everytime a food particle is eaten by a player, 1 new food particle will respawn.
  • The more food you eat, the slower you move to make the game fairer for all.

Latest Changes

  • Game logic is handled by the server
  • The client side is for rendering of the canvas and it's items only.
  • Mobile optimisation.
  • Implementation of working viruses.
  • Display player name.
  • Now supporting chat.
  • Type-ping in the chatbox to check your ping, as well as other commands!

Downloading the dependencies

After cloning the source code from Github, you need to run the following command to download all the dependencies (socket.IO, express, etc.):

npm install

Running the Server

After downloading all the dependencies, you can run the server with the following command:

npm start

The game will then be accessible at http://localhost:3000 or the respective server installed on. The default port is 3000, however this can be changed in config. Further elaboration is available on our wiki.

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