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$ cnpm install blockstack-cli 
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Intended Audience

This tool is meant for developers only -- it is meant to be used for testing and debugging Blockstack apps in ways that the Browser does not yet support. It is not safe to use this tool for day-to-day tasks, since many commands operate on unencrypted private keys. Everyone is encouraged to use the Blockstack Browser whenever possible.



Install the CLI

$ npm install -g

This should install blockstack-cli to your $PATH.


If running into EACCES permissions errors:

How to Use

The CLI has a built-in help system. Just run blockstack-cli to access it. You can list all command documentation with blockstack-cli help all.


$ blockstack-cli gaia_listfiles --gaia_hub "" --app_private_key 3fb610986b2f80af87508ed3b699c4146cb4589264e521402fae6c4f969ab09e

How to Contribute

This tool is targeted towards Blockstack developers. Patches to fix bugs are welcome!

Project Scope

The following featuers are considered in-scope for this tool:

  • Generating and broadcasting all supported types of Blockstack transactions
  • Loading, storing, and listing data in Gaia hubs
  • Generating owner, payment and application keys from a seed phrase
  • Querying Blockstack Core nodes
  • Implementing a minimum viable authentication flow

Everything else is out of scope. Specifically, the following will not be added to this tool:

  • Anything that requires persistent disk state -- this includes software wallets, configuration files, and so on
  • Anything that involves administrating other Blockstack services
  • Features specific to a particular Blockstack app
  • Any sort of plugin or extension system

How to Reach Other Blockstack Devs

The best place to discuss CLI and app development is on the Blockstack Forum.

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