A datazoom slider plugin for BizCharts based g2-plugin-slider.
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$ cnpm install bizcharts-plugin-slider 
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A datazoom slider plugin for BizCharts base g2-plugin-slider.


Please make sure BizCharts has been already loaded.


$ npm install bizcharts-plugin-slider


<script src="> </script>

dev build

$ git clone
$ cd BizCharts
$ cd /plugin/slider
$ npm install
$ npm run build

dev demo

slider $ sudo vi /etc/hosts
// add localhost
slider $ npm run demo
// open in browser http://localhost:3510/


see demo

API Reference

Create an instance

  width={{number} | {string}}
  padding={{object} | {number} | {array}}
  start={{string} | {number}}
  end={{string} | {number}}
  data={{array} | {dataview}}


1、 width number | string

Set the width of the slider component, the default is auto, indicating the width of the adaptive container.

2、 height number

Set the height of the slider component, the default is 26, the unit is 'px'.

3、 padding

Sets the padding canvas's canvas's padding to align with the chart (the default chart's canvas container is padded with padding). The default is the same padding as BizCharts default theme, [20, 20, 95, 80].

4、 xAxis string

Must declare Slider is a slider component with a background graph that is used to declare the horizontal axis mapping field of the background chart, which is also the data filtering field.

5、 yAxis string

Must declare Slider is a slider component with a background graph that is used to declare the vertical axis of the background graph.

6、 data array | dataview

Must declare,data source.

7、 start number | string

The value of the slider that declares the position of the slider at the beginning of the corresponding data value, the default is the minimum value.

8、 end number | string

The data value corresponding to the position where the slider finishes the slider is declared, and the default is the maximum value.

9、 scales object

Used to define the columns for the xAxis and yAxis fields for the same column definitions in the action's chart.

Sample code:

      [`${xAxis}`]: {
        type: 'time',
        mask: 'MM-DD'

10、 fillerStyle object

The selected area of the style configuration, the default configuration is as follows:

    fill: '#BDCCED',
    fillOpacity: 0.3

Red box in the picture selected area:

11、 backgroundStyle object

slider background style.

12、 textStyle object

slider auxiliary text font style configuration.

13、 handleStyle object

The slider style configuration, configurable properties are as follows:

    img: '', // Can make the picture address can also be data urls
    width: 5,
    height: 26

14、 backgroundChart object

The slider's background chart configuration allows you to configure its chart type and color:

  type: [ 'area' ], // The type of chart, either a string or an array
  color: '#CCD6EC'

15、 onChange function

When the slider slider changes, trigger the callback function, mainly used to update the state of ds. The callback function provides a parameter, which is an object that contains the following properties:

onChange = {(obj) => {
  const { startValue, endValue, startText, endText } = obj;
  • startValue The current raw data value corresponding to the start slider, if the type istime or timeCat, the value is timestamp, please note.
  • endValue The current corresponding raw data value of the end slider, if the type istime or timeCat, the value is timestamp, please note.
  • startText Start slider current display text value
  • endText The current display text value of the end slider

NOTE: The reason for distinguishing text from value is that users will format numbers in most cases. Therefore, when setting the state quantity and updating the state quantity, you need to ensure that the value types are the same before and after.

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