A post-checkout hook for checking commit build status via the Bitbucket REST API.
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$ cnpm install bitbucket-build-status-hook 
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Bitbucket Build Status Hook

This Git post-checkout hook displays the latest Bitbucket Cloud build status for a commit when you check it out in your terminal. This allows you to quickly tell if your feature branch is failing, or whether it's safe to create a new branch from master!


This tool is most useful when symlinked as a post-commit hook, which runs every time you check out a branch or commit:

post-checkout hook in action

But you can also manually run bitbucket-build-status to check the build status of any branch, commit, or commit-ish, at any time.

bitbucket-build-status in action


  1. Install Node.js
  2. Run npm install -g bitbucket-build-status-hook
  3. Navigate to the root of a Git repository that you've cloned from Bitbucket
  4. Run ln -s /usr/local/bin/bitbucket-build-status .git/hooks/post-checkout
  5. Run git checkout HEAD to test that the hook is properly installed

Credential management

The first time you upload a file you will be prompted for your Bitbucket email and password. These will be used to retrieve an OAuth refresh token which is stored in ~/.bitbucket-build-status and used for subsequent requests. Treat this token carefully as it can be used to read repository data on your behalf.


If you have 2FA enabled for your Bitbucket account, the client will be unable to use OAuth to authenticate you. Instead, you'll need to configure a Bitbucket App Password for the client to use. To do this:

  1. create an App Password with Read access to your repositories
  2. create a file at ~/.bitbucket-build-status-hook containing:
    "": {
        "username": "your-username" // (*not* your email address),
        "password": "your-app-password"

Bitbucket developers

By default, the API is assumed to live at api.$domain_of_repo_origin. This is not true for developing against or localhost. To remap the API, copy .bitbucket-build-status-hook.sample to ~/bitbucket-build-status-hook.

	"": {
		"username": "kannonboy",
		"password": "password",
		"apiDomain": ""

For localhost or other Bitbucket Cloud hosts, update and apiDomain as appropriate.

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