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R&D and prototyping repository for

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Why does this exist?

This repository is intended to house demos and proofs-of-concept for bipio features. It's nothing more than a convenient scaffold for your executable JS/CS files, so we can show the merit of proposed changes and refactors, without getting lost in the abstract world of ideas and architecture.

Ok, but why not just use a branch

You still have the option not to use this tool - this was built with the idea that demos become branches on bipio/server. This will simply help you separate concerns (drafts vs implementation), and articulate ideas in their infant stage, in more "hands-on" way. A code notepad, if you will, to organize the team's collective thoughts and prove them in practice.

To that end, Literate CoffeeScript is encouraged, because Github displays .litcoffee documents as Markdown, so you can be verbose about what you're trying to demonstrate and it will all be nice and readable. You will also be able to post the source code to the blog as a blog post, once your demo is all grown up and released as a feature set. Not to mention, Docco can generate documentation automagically from .litcoffee source. This is basically magic.

Getting Started

git clone
cd bipio-lab
npm link

Now you should have bipio-lab command available in your Terminal.

To create a new demo, simply use the new option like so:

bipio-lab new foo/bar/bruh.litcoffee

Alternatively, you can use JavaScript:

bipio-lab new foo/bar/bruh.js

You should now see a boilerplate demo script in demos/foo/bar/ entitled "bruh". Parent folders are created automatically if they don't exist already.


  • Keep implementation details to a minimum, focus on showing how to get from Point A to Point B using node module C - hard code anything necessary to effectively illustrate the point.


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