A test runner for ruby written in node.
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$ cnpm install binks 
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A (painless) test runner for Ruby written in NodeJS. Currently supports Cucumber.

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$ npm install -g binks
$ binks COMMAND
running command...
$ binks (-v|--version|version)
binks/0.1.2 darwin-x64 node-v12.13.0
$ binks --help [COMMAND]
  $ binks COMMAND



Just run binks & start modifying your tests. Binks will take care of the rest :)


When you focus a test in a file, only that test is executed automatically. When you remove the focus, no tests will be executed.


Currently, only Cucumber is supported. Support for Rspec is planned.


By default, binks will search up the directory tree for the following:

  • a binks property in package.json
  • a .binksrc file in JSON or YAML format
  • a .binksrc.json file
  • a .binksrc.yaml, .binksrc.yml, or .binksrc.js file
  • a binks.config.js file exporting a JS object

Binks continues to search up the directory tree, checking each of these places in each directory, until it finds some acceptable configuration (or hits the home directory).

You can also supply a different location for the configuration using the config flag: binks (-c|--config) <path-to-config>


Key Type Description Default value
baseDirectory string Path to the projects where all tests can be found. The folder the cli is executed in.
adapters string[] Array of test adapters that should be used. ['cucumber']
cucumber CucumberConfig The configuration object for the Cucumber adapter. See below. See CucumberConfig.
exclude string[] Array of paths or regular expressions that should be excluded in all adapters. ['node_modules', 'tmp']


Key Type Description Default value
directory string Path relative to the base directory for cucumber tests. features
regex string Regex used to test whether a changed file is a cucumber test. .feature$
command string Command used to execute a test file. bundle exec spring cucumber
args string Extra arguments used to execute a test. --color --no-source
focusTag string Tag used to focus tests (with @). @focus
focusArgs string Extra arguments used for focused tests. --fail-fast
exclude string[] Array of paths or regular expressions that should be excluded. []

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