BeyondAssets SDK for issuing and transferring digital assets using blockchain technology
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$ cnpm install beyondassets-sdk 
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BeyondAssets SDK

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Easy to use SDK for issuing and transferring digital assets using the BeyondAssets protocol on top of blockchain technology. Coupled with state-of-the-art BIP32 & BIP44 hierarchical deterministic wallet to hold your assets.


$ npm i beyondassets-sdk


var BeyondAssets = require('beyondassets-sdk')
var ba = new BeyondAssets()
ba.init(function (err) {
  // BeyondAssets SDK is now ready


$ mocha

Note: without some configuration, some tests (all those which actually need funding) will fail.
In order for all the tests to pass, you'll need to have some funds, i.e. Beyondcoins (or testnet-coins when network is 'testnet').
Do this by creating a JSON file, which includes privateSeed \ mnemonic where which the address in the BIP44 path m/44'/0'/0'/0/0 for mainnet (m/44'/1'/0'/0/0 for tetsnet) has enough Beyondcoins (or testnet-coins):

$ cd /path/to/beyondassets-sdk
$ echo '{"network":"testnet", "privateSeed":"YourPrivateSeed"}' >> test/settings.json
$ mocha



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