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$ cnpm install beyondasset-metadata-handler 
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BeyondAsset Metadata Handler

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$ npm i beyondasset-metadata-handler


var MetadataHandler = require('beyondasset-metadata-handler')

var properties = {
  tracker: {               // Tracker settings
    udp: Boolean,           // Using udp for torrent trafic or not
    http: Boolean,          // Using http for torrent trafic or not
    ws: Boolean,            // Using websockets for torrent trafic or not
    hostname: String,       // Our machince host name
    port: Number            // Port to listen as tracker
  client: {
    torrentPort: Number,
    dhtPort: Number,
  // Enable DHT (default=true), or options object for DHT
    // dht: true,
  // Max number of peers to connect to per torrent (default=100)
    maxPeers: Number,
  // DHT protocol node ID (default=randomly generated)
    // nodeId: String|Buffer,
  // Wire protocol peer ID (default=randomly generated)
    // peerId: '01234567890123456789',
  // RTCPeerConnection configuration object (default=STUN only)
    // rtcConfig: Object,,
  // custom storage engine, or `false` to use in-memory engine
    // storage: Function,
  // custom webrtc implementation (in node, specify the [wrtc]( package)
    // wrtc: {},
  // List of additional trackers to use (added to list in .torrent or magnet uri)
    // announce: [],
  // List of web seed urls (see [bep19](
    // urlList: []
  // Whether or not to enable trackers (default=true)
    tracker: false
  folders: { // Folder structure settings
    torrents: '/torrents',  // Path to save torrent files to, if left empty, all the torrent references will be saved in memory and will be lost on restart
    data: '/data',          // Main path to where all the data is stored
    capSize: '80%',          // Number of MB or percent in the form of 12%
    retryTime: 10000,
    autoWatchInterval: 60000,
    ignores: []

var handler = new MetadataHandler(settings)

Fetch Metadata


  • torrentHash - The torrent infoHash of the metadata.
  • metadataSHA2 - The sha256 of the metadata json.

var torrentHash = '5add2b0ce8f7da372c856d4efe6b9b6e8584919e'
var metadataSHA2 = '6ed0dd02806fa89e25de060c19d3ac86cabb87d6a0ddd05c333b84f4'

handler.getMetadata(torrentHash, metadataSHA2, function (err, metadata) {
  if (err) return console.error(err)
  console.log(metadata) // Will print the json file of the metadata

You can also use this method together with an event listner like this:

// You can listen for the channel of the torrentHash to get the metadata
handler.on('downloads/'+torrentHash, function (metadata) {
  console.log(metadata) // Will print the the metadata parsed to json

// Starting the proccess of getting the metadata from the torrent network.
handler.getMetadata(torrentHash, metadataSHA2, importent)

Add new Metadata


  • metadata - A new metadata json we just created and we plan on sharing with other people.

// Creates the torrent file and sha2 for the metadata.
// Saves the metadata as a local torrentHash.dat file.
// Saves the torrent file called torrentHash.torrent for future use.
// Returns the torrentHash and sha2 created.
handler.addMetadata(metadata, function (err, hashes) {
  if (err) return console.error(err)
  console.log(hashes.torrentHash) // Will print BitTorrent hashing scheme using sha1 as the hashing algorithem
  console.log(hashes.sha2) // Will print the sha256 of the raw metadata file

Share Metadata


  • torrentHash - The torrent info hash of the metadata we want to share with other people

// You can listen for the channel of the torrentHash to get the metadata
handler.on('uploads/'+torrentHash, function (peer) {
  console.log(peer) // Will print information about the latest peer that is trying to download the metadata from your client

handler.shareMetadata(torrentHash, function (err) {
  if (err) console.log(err) // Returns error if there is problem with sharing the file

Remove Metadata

Remove torrent from BitTorrent client. Destroy all torrent connections to peers, delete all saved data.


  • torrentHash - The torrent info hash of the metadata we want to remove

handler.removeMetadata(torrentHash, function (err) {
  if (err) throw err
  console.log('successfully deleted torrent')

Other Events

// Receives the latest metadata we finished downloading
handler.on('downloads', function (metadata) {
  console.log(metadata) // Will print the the metadata parsed to json

// Receives the latest peer that is trying to get a file from our client and the file it's trying to get
handler.on('uploads', function (peer) {
  console.log( // Will print info about the peer
  console.log(peer.file) // Will print info about the file

// If any error occurs
handler.on('error', function (err) {


$ cd /"module-path"/beyondasset-metadata-handler
$ mocha



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