A basic mvc package to arrange a project by the mvc/mpc architectural pattern
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$ cnpm install bambis-basemvc 
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I always belived that MVC is a good pattern for web development, or handeling of data, then found myself writing web apps with Backbone.js and being heavily inspired by it, advancing to hybrid applications with Qt and QWebEngine, and later on Electron.

Having ES6 with module imports and several build tools at hand I believe we can have a very stable JS application environments that would not be a hit and miss, or a "trendy FW" like a totally transpiled language, or a component only closed based framework, just by having a library and some "aids" that would make us keep a correct design pattern while writing.

This is a very first attempt at this.

Lets see if it goes..

Documents about to come. but basically

npm install

the package, and

npm run build

, then

npm run browserDemo

hope everything works.. ;)


  • 1.0.0 - First version, contains a Base Model, View, and Collection. Controller is the future opinionated way of wiring things together. theres a first step in assembling an inheritance for an eventbus library as all entities would be "eventable".

          Main goal would be to create an engine of some sort which can parse controller files to actual working bundled units.

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