This repository will serve as a boiler plate for new backend APIs to be developed in NodeJs and MongoDB. All the necessary basic modules required to start a project will be setup along with different environment compatibility to reduce setup time.
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This repository contains a basic NodeJs initialised project with Mongo DB and ExpressJs to be used as a boiler plate for the new backend API development. This repository will be actively maintained by @nikhilgurnani.

###Coding Conventions

[1]. Use camelCase

[2]. Every module name in package must start with package name

ex - While writing a module for User in package models then module file name must be modelsUser and if the package name is controller then module file name must be controllerUser

[3]. Run npm run test to check test case status.

[4]. Declare and use constants as much as possible.

[5]. Create atomic functions for each task and call functions to do your tasks.

[6]. Ensure you write test cases for every API endpoint you create.

###HTTP Status Code convention

Status Condition
200 request is OK and fulfilled, Get and Put requests mostly
201 new record created, post request mostly
204 no content, delete calls mostly
206, 302 api change and redirect
400 Bad Request. The data is not valid in request. We prefer 400 over 206 (partial content)
401 If auth_token is invalid. Once API return 401 ask client apps to logout and re-login
403 Invalid auth. Use auth header, to protect resources. Also used for Invalid Permissions in some cases

Project Setup

[1]. First create "logs" directory in src folder

[2]. Then create .env file in parent directory and copy keys from sample.env into it and change values appropriately

[3]. Ensure you have MongoDB installed and a service running for the DB.

[3]. Run "npm install" to install packages and dependencies listed in the package.json

[4]. After that just run "npm run start".

Tech Stack: We are using NodeJs with ExpressJs framework, MongoDB as primary database, Redis for caching and AWS as main cloud service. Mocha and chai with chai-http for TDD

API Structure

Note: Return 401 in case invalid authToken and ask application developer to clean all data from local storage of that user

[1]. Error response structure

      **error**: "It could be string or object or list or object. Frontend need not to worry about this.",
      **message**: "It must be a string. Frontend will show this to user.",
      **errorCode**: "Our unique codes. Depends on user input and db response. These must be set in controller/controllerConstants.js"

[2]. Success result, a list, we are using offset to paginate result

      result: [
          This will be object here
      count: "This will be an integer",
      next: boolean # Will tell about whether to make next call or not?
      nextOffset: Integer # Will tell about next offset value.

[3]. Success result, Single object, a valid object

  result: {
    Object will come here.

[4]. Success result, no data to return

  success: true
### Project Structure
  we are using [dotenv][1] package.
  Check sample.env to refer sample env file.

> For services, we use:
> - AWS SES (Simple Email Service) ------> Emails
> - FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging) ------> Push Notifications
> - Cloud File Storage (AWS BOTO) -------> File Storage

In src folder you will get 7 main folders, named:

:   contains cache-models and object

: contains all functions related to business logic. All module
      name must start with *controller*
: contains middleware modules. All module name must start with
: contains all functions and related to DB and also the DB related
      methods. All module name must start with *model*

: contains routes related modules and bind endpoints to
      controllers. All module name must start with *route*

: ontain random scripts, non JS files, use for random tasks

: contains common util modules. All module name must start with

> **Note:**
> - If a project requires usage of Notifications, you can find a (**utils > utilNotifications.js**), that contains an independent function that can send Push, Email or SMS Notification by accepting some paramters. 
> - In test folder you will get all the test cases file. Ensure you write test cases for each and every API endpoint
> - Apart from that there is a main file called "server.js". It is the entry point of this project. Please first read that file


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