Extensions to Backbone.Model to support nested models and collections
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backbone-parentmodel provides a set of extensions to Backbone.Model for working with nested structures where logic is assigned to nested Models and Collections. The core functionality overrides clone, clear, toJSON, and parse methods to handle the nesting and provides a few additional utility methods.

Nested structures are defined as:

const MyModel = ParentModel.extend({
    childModels: {
        myModel: MyModelConstructor
    childCollections: {
        myCollection: MyCollectionConstructor

childModels and childCollections must either be an object mapping property names to their constructors, or they may be functions returning an object mapping.

Getting Started

This package is published to npm and can be installed with

npm install backbone-parentmodel


See our docs folder for more detailed documentation.


We encourage you to contribute to this project!

Please read our contributing guide for guidelines on:

  • how to ask further questions
  • how to report issues
  • how to request or implement new features


Please contact one of the project maintainers with any project issues or questions.


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