Recursive style hoisting from nested babushka components.
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$ cnpm install babushka 
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Recursive style hoisting from nested babushka components.

This package enables a nested component architecture, where component dependencies are automatically detected and their styles included when the main less file is processed.


  1. Add babushka as a dependency via npm install --save babushka.
  2. Add prepublish, pretest and prestart hooks into your package.json which execute the babushka script:
    "scripts": {
      "prepublish": babushka",
      "pretest": babushka",
      "prestart": babushka"
  3. Make sure your main styles file is at ./src/styles/index.less and imports all other required styles via @import directives.

Now you can install additional packages that are also babushka components and their styles will automatically be included when babushka processes the styles of this component. The resulting css file combines the styles of this component and all other babushka style dependencies and is written to ./lib/styles/index.css.


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