Helper for rewriting imports from a particular library.
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Checks whether an Identifier or MemberExpression references a specific import from a specific package.

Like referencesImport, but works with ES2015, CommonJS and AMD syntax.


This package contains a single named export:

referencesImport(path: NodePath, packageName: string, importName: string): boolean;

  • path is a path to the node that you want to test whether it references an import from a package.
  • packageName is the name of the package.
  • importName is the name of the import. It can take a special value, *, to indicate that you want to test that the whole namespace is imported, for example when testing that foo references import * as foo from 'package'; or const foo = require('package');


  • Dynamic imports
  • Consider when errors should be thrown rather than just not matching.
  • Make the build not fail. This relies on my PR being merged.

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