Build OpenAPI3.0 specification from HAR
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$ cnpm install avantation 
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avantation is tool the for generate OpenAPI3.0 from HTTP Archive format(HAR).

avantation is written and maintained by Anbarasan K (anbuksv@gmail.com).


Bug reports and code and documentation patches are welcome.


Direct downloads are available through the release page.

If you have Node installed on your computer just run npm install

npm install -g avantation


  • HTTP sample code generation
  • Dynamic route path conversion
  • Schema generation
  • Supports json/yaml output formats
  • JWT authentication header mapping
  • Static-UI generation


Build OpenAPI specification from HAR.

  $ avantation HAR

  HAR  http archive(har) path

  -b, --base-path=base-path                Separate the common path as base path from HTTP requests.

  -h, --host=host                          Filter the http request from HAR and use it as server url in output.

  -j, --json                               Write output result in JSON format.

  -o, --out=out                            [default: ./openapi.yaml] Write output result at this DEST location.

  -r, --path-param-regex=path-param-regex  [default: [0-9]|[-$@!~%^*()_+]] Convert Regex matching params into dynamic path

  -s, --security-headers=security-headers  [default: {}] Map matching HTTP headers into security headers on request.

  -t, --template=template                  To override the default template pass the your template file location.

  --disable-tag                            Diable end points grouping based on route path in HAR

  --http-snippet                           Generate HTTP smaple code snippet for request and append it as 'x-code-sample' to OpenAPI path


Existing Projects

Existing Project Demo

Tools : Firefox | Chrome | Safari | Charles Proxy

New Projects

New Project Demo

Tools : Insomnia

User Interface's

Swagger-UI Redoc-UI


How to generate Static-UI?

     avantation-ui bash script will help you to build static user interface for your specs but it's required redoc-cli.

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