Launch node applications or executables at login (Mac, Windows, and Linux)
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$ cnpm install auto-launch-gpmdp 
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Launch applications or executables at login (Mac, Windows and Linux). Perfect for NW.js and Electron apps.


npm install auto-launch


The API consists only of enable, disable, and isEnabled.

var AutoLaunch = require('auto-launch');

var minecraftAutoLauncher = new AutoLaunch({
	name: 'Minecraft',
	path: '/Applications/',
	isHidden: true


For NW.js or Electron apps you don't have to specify the path. It gets read from process.execPath :)

var AutoLaunch = require('auto-launch');

var appLauncher = new AutoLaunch({
	name: 'My NW.js or Electron app'

	if(enabled) return;
	return appLauncher.enable()

Note: I added a method (removeNwjsLoginItem) to remove 'nwjs helper' app login item that might have been added to peoples accounts since the name change from node-webkit to NW.js.


  • Add getCurrentPath - So you can check if the app has moved around.

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