Web application written with the MEAN stack that uses Natural Language Processing to classify a user's internet activity into different skills. In a nutshell, Augeo is the gamification of life.
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###Augeo A web application that gives you the power to view your interests in a quantitative way. It's common sense... the more you do something the better you become. In this case, we take your Twitter feed and categorize your tweets/mentions into different skills. Experience is then awarded to each post depending on the amount of activity the post generates. As your experience grows, you will gain levels and be ranked among other Augeo users. Although the current application only takes Twitter activity into consideration, the vision for Augeo is much larger. Our intention is to expand to a vast set of interfaces, from other sites and blogs to health related apps such as FitBit. The possibilities are endless. In a nutshell, Augeo is the gamification of life.

###Who should join? You! Even if you don't consider yourself a front-runner in your field of interest/work, it's a part of Augeo's vision to incorporate a portal for people with similar passions to connect. Not only can you connect with like-minded people, the concept of gamification introduces some friendly competition. Now, you will be more motivated than ever to expand your knowledge and skills to out rank your friends.

Not the competitive type? That's okay! Augeo is also a perfect place for finding leaders in topics that most fascinate you. Want to find out about the top people talking about sports? Just head over to the leaderboards section and filter by 'Sports'. It's that simple!

###Vision As mentioned before, the idea is for Augeo to expand to several different interfaces, including other social media platforms, blogs, and even IOT devices. Due to Twitter's robust developers API, it was the first to be introduced into the Augeo platform. This is mentioned since it is not our only intention to capture social media activity. Our mission is to best represent a persons skill set and knowledge by leveraging the mass amounts of data we produce every day. If you're curious about the future of Augeo head over to the Vision wiki page to check out potential interfaces and features.

Want to contribute?

Want to help fulfill Augeo's vision? Or maybe have some ideas that could enhance its feature set? That's great! Because Augeo is an open source web application registered under the General Public License. If you are interested, I encourage you to check out the application's design and then head over to the contribute page to learn more.

Report a Bug

Encountered a bug on the Augeo website? Head over to the issues section and create a new issue. When you open an issue please stick to the following structure:

  • Title - Descriptive, yet concise
  • Issue - Describe what the problem is
  • How to Reproduce - How did you find the problem? Please list out all steps you performed to reach the issue (screen shots help!). It will be hard to fix the problem if we can't reproduce it
  • Suggestions - Think you might know the cause? Don't be shy, and let us know!

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