RSS generator plugin for Assemble.
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RSS generator plugin for Assemble.


From the same directory as your project's gruntfile and [package.json][], install this plugin:

npm install assemble-middleware-rss --save-dev

Next add assemble-middleware-rss, the name of this module, to the plugins option in the Assemble task:

options: {
  plugins: ['assemble-middleware-rss'],
  rss: {
    title: 'RSS Feed Title',
    description: 'RSS feed description.'

Note: Author is also required, but it is pulled from package.json by default. As long as you have a package.json file in the root directory, you don't need to include author in the options.

See the options for further configuration.


Plugin Options

Option Type Description Default Value
format boolean Format output XML file using js-prettify false
dest string Destination and filename of the generated RSS feed 'feed.xml'

RSS Feed Data

Data for the RSS <channel> element.

This data is defined under the plugin configuration.

assemble: {
  options: {
    rss: {
      title: 'foo',
      description: 'bar'
Required Type Desciption Default Value
title string Defines the title of the channel
description string Describes the channel pkg.description
link string Defines the hyperlink to the channel pkg.homepage
Optional Type Description Default Value
categories array Defines one or more categories for the feed
cloud string Register processes to be notified immediately of updates of the feed
copyright string Notifies about copyrighted material
docs string Specifies an URL to the documentation of the format used in the feed
generator string Specifies the program used to generate the feed
image string Allows an image to be displayed when aggregators present a feed
language string Specifies the language the feed is written in 'en'
lastBuildDate string Defines the last-modified date of the content of the feed
managingEditor string Defines the e-mail address to the editor of the content of the feed
pubDate string Defines the last publication date for the content of the feed
rating string The PICS rating of the feed
skipDays string Specifies the days where aggregators should skip updating the feed
skipHours string Specifies the hours where aggregators should skip updating the feed
textInput string pecifies a text input field that should be displayed with the feed
ttl string Specifies the number of minutes the feed can stay cached '60'
webmaster string Defines the email address to the webmaster of the feed
geoRSS boolean Enable or disable GeoRSS false

RSS Item Data

Data for the RSS <item>element(s).

The data for feed items is generally grabbed from the YAML Front Matter.

title: Foo
desciption: This is foo.

Three values are required for the RSS feed to generate:

Value Type Description
title string Defines the title of the item
description string Describes the item

All other values are optional:

Value Type Desciption
author string Specifies the e-mail address to the author of the item
date string Defines the last-publication date for the item
link string Defines the hyperlink to the item
categories string Defines one or more categories the item belongs to
comments string Allows an item to link to comments about that item
guid string Defines a unique identifier for the item
source string Specifies a third-party source for the item
lat number The latitude coordinate of the item
long number The longitude coordinate of the item

Excluding content

Both published: false and rss: false will exclude an item from the feed. However, note that published: false will entirely prevent a page from being assembled.

Usage Examples

Generate feed using only required options.

options: {
  rss: {
    title: 'RSS feed description.',
    description: 'RSS feed description.'

RSS Specifications

RSS Feed

The RSS feed is generated using the RSS module, a fast and simple RSS generator/builder for Node projects by Dylan Greene. Some of the options this module has are not fully documented here, but are availabe; the information you might need should be with in Greene's documentation.

The content for the RSS feed is pulled from several sources.

As much of the content for the feed as possible is pulled from package.json, e.g. the author name and email; the site name and url. This functionality can be overidden by specifying the feed data in the plugin configuartion. See the options documentaion.

RSS Feed Items

The data for each item is pulled from YAML Front Matter (YFM).

title: foo
desciption: bar

If you do not want to include a page in the RSS feed, you don't have to.

rss: false

The item data you can define in the YFM is listed under the options

Built with care by Patrick Burtchaell in New Orleans.

Copyright (c) 2014 Patrick Burtchaell, Jon Schlinkert, contributors. Released under the MIT license.

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