Assemble plugin for downloading files from GitHub.

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$ cnpm install assemble-contrib-download 
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assemble-contrib-download NPM version

Assemble plugin for downloading files from GitHub.


In the command line, run:

npm install assemble-contrib-download --save

Next, to register the plugin with Assemble in your project's Gruntfile you can either specify the direct path to the plugin(s) (e.g. ./path/to/plugins/*.js), or if installed via npm, make sure the plugin is in the devDependencies of your project.js package.json, and simply add the module's name to the plugins option:

assemble: {
  options: {
    plugins: ['assemble-contrib-download', 'other/plugins/*.js']

Visit the plugins docs for more info or for help getting started.



Type: String Default: assemble/handlebars-helpers

Repo from which to download files.


Type: String Default: tmp/

Destination for the downloaded files.


Type: Array Default: ['docs/']

Paths the file or files to download.

Usage Examples

assemble: {
  options: {
    plugins: ['assemble-contrib-download'],
    download: {
      repo: 'assemble/handlebars-helpers',
      files: ['docs/'],
      dest: 'tmp/'


Find a bug? Have a feature request? Please create an Issue. Pull requests are also encouraged. If you find this project useful, please consider "starring" it to show your support! Thanks!

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Jon Schlinkert

Brian Woodward


Copyright (c) 2014 Jon Schlinkert, contributors. Released under the MIT license

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